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: They can be just like united states — like in, they like their particular
they recruit their unique
best friends
to support
residence jobs
, together with
has had its toll on it. Whenever you’re


the main initial cast of ”
The L Word
” — as in,
Leisha Hailey
(Alice) and
Kate Moennig
(Shane) — there is not ever been a much better time and energy to start a podcast!

That’s right: With


all of our ”
The L Word
” reunion desires become a reality each week. Leisha and Kate tend to be more than
lesbian icons
which slashed their own teeth using one of
television’s the majority of groundbreaking queer programs
; they truly are additionally
close friends
that missing one another a great deal now (sound familiar?). Since
, they also host a regular podcast off their particular domiciles in which they talk about anything from basic
to celeb encounters to what it had been want to audition for
Ilene Chaiken
in older times. Made by Helena by herself, Rachel Shelley, and featuring many exemplary guests, “PANTS” has become the highlight of my personal Wednesdays. Here are a few brilliant minutes to pay attention for:

Rachel Shelley (Helena!) roleplays as a French maid

Yes, you study that right. We do not hear from Rachel many times, as the woman editing/producing part is practically solely behind the scenes. However, once in a while, she’s going to address united states to an aside in her own gorgeously sharp British accent — the meaning regarding the phrase “sprezzatura” or snarky commentary on Kate’s segues. About event “Stinkers allow you to expand,” she narrates Leisha and Kate’s caffeine break as a breathy French housemaid called Babette just who arranges the coffee solution while Rachel tries to keep the lady on job. While quick, the clip is actually absurd and sexy, giggle-inducing while operating the audience untamed with possibilities. It’s like Rachel’s in our naughty Helena-loving brains!

Lesbian manner according to Alice and Shane

Leisha Hailey really likes


, and I also love knowing that Leisha Hailey enjoys Carhartt. On the latest episode “Phoney Baloney Fashion,” both she and Kate embark on in regards to the joys of workwear: beat-up shoes, farm coats, and jumpsuits before they certainly were cool. “i’m feminine, even though you’ll find nothing feminine regarding it. It really is a happy spot for myself [and] a sweet place for my situation,” Leisha states. Kate next waxes poetic about a
completely installed couple of trousers and a T-shirt
: exceptional fantasy material for those of you folks whom still crave after
. (In fact, these types of perfect pairs first belonged to Leisha after a particularly heinous break up.)

Researching just what real-life Alice and Shane like to wear — in COVID occasions along with the bygone period whenever we could actually head out — is actually fulfilling, interestingly close, and indicative on the “PANTS” vibe: Two homosexual women that be aware of the incredible importance of a beneficial tailor tend to be particular about hats and are also usually there for one another even if they cannot be with each other face-to-face. (You should not wash your beanies extreme!)

Sarah. Freaking. Shahi.

Even with
Shane remaining this lady on altar
and she vanished for parts unknown, we ”
The LWord”
stans never forgot the lesbian legend that has been
Carmen de los angeles Pica Morales
, the sexy AF aspiring DJ exactly who captivated figures and viewers as well together outspokenness, short-shorts, and heart-stopping dancing moves. Leisha and Kate do the best fan service by holding their unique outdated pal Sarah Shahi for example wonderful event (correctly titled “Sarah f**king Shahi”), in which Shahi is simply as gloriously hot as ever. Today a divorced mommy whom swears she’s going to never ever wed once again, Shahi meals about playing Carmen — the woman very first significant acting gig! — and the emotional rollercoaster that’s coronavirus and rendering it work as a single moms and dad in quarantine. The woman lovable young ones even make a cameo towards the end! In lots of ways, Shahi


Carmen — direct, empathetic, funny, and intensely hot — and any day we are able to hear the woman velvety sound is an excellent one.

Mia Kirshner calls by herself “Barb”

Say what you want about
Jenny Schecter

She was actually usually entertaining

, and Mia Kirshner’s stellar performance ended up being worthy of one Emmy. Kirshner, just who coined the word “PANTS” for Leisha and Kate back in “The L Word” times as soon as the two had been inseparable, can be as cool as always. On “W.W.M.K.D,” she discusses rooming with Leisha and Kate — painting the woman place dusty rose-pink because “I experienced my personal f*cking mind up my butt” — additionally the sufferer advocacy company she today works within her house nation of Canada. (
at her many lucid might be satisfied.) Also, the three females enjoy a hearty laugh at

this photograph of Kirshner

in her own the majority of, uh, shameful period. Quoth Kirshner, “we look more than my personal mom [and] like i’m called Barb!”

OMG, it’s “The L Keyword”


The good thing of “PANTS” undoubtedly is actually hearing regarding the golden age of ”
The L Word
.” Based on Leisha, Kate, and every unmarried guest to date, one particular lesbian tv series of all time was actually chock-full of goodwill. The role of Alice was actually basically created for Leisha, exactly who, at that time, had hardly any performing knowledge and at first auditioned for Shane (!), while Kate auditioned for all the part she would sooner or later generate legendary, on the list of possible Jennys. When Leisha and Kate met, they immediately bonded with Erin Daniels, resulting in the actual funny Shane-Dana-Alice Greek chorus minutes in season one.

Besides the tight cast connection, that was in addition distinctive about “The L term,” per Leisha and Kate, will be the insight that they had on their respective figure arcs and stories (


strange for a television show, next nowadays). Just as those who are watching in real-time knew we were witnessing queer background on-screen, very did the cast and staff of “The L term.” its beautiful to hear how Leisha, Kate, and business understood they were a part of something big and vital and introduced that fuel to put daily. “The L Word” brought most of us regarding pathways we continue forging nowadays, and reading behind-the-scenes stories is almost just like becoming on ready.

You will find “PANTS” wherever you pay attention to podcasts and stick to the podcast on





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