About Us

About Us


Experience A Better Way To Build.

Our diversified portfolio means that as a conglomerate, our operations extend into many industries. Our current fields of interest include Energy, Construction, Transportation, Commodities & Agriculture.

Our daughter companies who function in the aforementioned fields are SEB Energy, BS Construction, BS Transportation, BS Horizon Commodities & BS Farms. They keep our active involvement and guidance in their growth, development, and achievement of success in their respective sectors.

Meet With Our Mission

Our mission is to be a one-stop-shop, offering unique, tailor-made solutions in the diverse sectors we operate in. We aim to achieve this by providing efficient customer-focused products and delivering outstanding services with a strong sense of honesty, integrity, and accountability.

What Is Our Vision?

As an aspiring global giant, our vision is to be a hallmark of excellence regarding our products and services in every field and sector that our subsidiaries thrive.

What Are Our Field Of Expertise?

BS Holdings is a parent holding group with a range of businesses functioning in different industries. As a private company, we were registered in Ghana in 2021 under the Companies Act (Act 179, 1963).

We carry out our business activities through our subsidiaries, namely, SEB Energy, BS Construction, BS Transportation, BS Horizon Commodities & BS Farms. We are strategically positioned to find solutions to problems faced by people in diverse fields.

Our model of success and maximizing our profits is through our daughter companies with investments. This is necessary for us to grow organically as we gain management fields with significant skills and expertise, and actively guide them to become the very best in their sectors.

What Are Our
Core Values?

We built our corporate culture on our values. Our values are the pillars that drive our business interest, helping us improve our performance and service delivery.

These values include:

Integrity 99%
Honesty 99%
Competence 98%
Accountability 99%
Customer Experience 98%